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Yesterday a friend of a friend contacted me asking for media connections to report on tree felling in the protected area she lives. This happens most days. Very often these abuses are illegal, sudden and with without consequences. Not only is this website a change to log letters to councils, housing developers and MP's, it also services a therapeutic space through which we can collectively share our experiences. This site was inspired by the Everyones Invited movement. 


Inspired by the Everyones Invited movement. This is a collection of letters, witness statements and petitions anyone can contribute to. A record of our struggles against the destruction of our environment and ecology . 

  • Share your statement, what you’ve seen and how you were silenced.
  • Record every unanswered protest letter you’ve written. 
  • List all petition that need support, every tree is important.

We hope that this will bring to light the true scale of what we are loosing, the empty promises of governments and councils as the developers advance on our green spaces and woodlands. 

The trees in the forest are stronger together.


It's important to acknowledge the various stop HS2 campaigns as the largest infastructer project in the country. The criminalisation of wildlife protectors is shockingly evident on the campaign to stop HS2. Violence toward protestors has become an everyday occurrence. We've experienced targeting of minority groups which has left many feeling traumatised. Despite all this the movement is growing at a rapid rate, the more wildlife protectors we have the safer we in the face of violent HS2 employees. You can follow on Facebook Hs2rebeillion, STOPHS2 or visit a camp. Find documentaries which explain how and why we resist HS2 destruction.


We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. The journey into understanding privilege and how "business as usual" fails many groups. This failure has lead to the death of many in the hands of those who are supposed to protect them. GEORGE FLOYD ,MARK DUGGAN, CHRISTOPHER ALDER, JEAN CHARLES DE MENEZES and many many more, equality for people who physically present as "none white" has become the most relevant movement of 2020.  The bill proposed in response to the civil power displayed by BLM demonstrates what unity can achieve in the face of oppression, exposing the white supremacy that is rife in our social constructs.

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