Spot Seasonal Wildlife Crime

Depending on the season, there are different signs to watch for when holding HS2 to account for potential wildlife crimes. Here is some advice on what to look for at this time of the year.

Autumn - Winter: Dormice

Dormouse (image courtesy of Wikipedia)

Dormice are heavily protected, and HS2's blanket license does not cover them. If you spot evidence of dormice in an area scheduled for clearing, it may be enough to halt work for a considerable time while they apply for the relevant license.

One way to prove the presence of dormice is by looking at hazels that show sign of being nibbled. A trained ecologist can often tell from bite marks on the nut whether they have been made by a dormouse.

You can use the following form to upload photos of hazels that have been eaten, where they will be checked by one of our volunteer ecologists for evidence of dormouse activity.

  • Please be as descriptive as possible - include what3word/map reference if you can
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